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Music and the representation of locations and places where rhythm becomes an expression of body and a sense of living. This is combined with passion and the variety of forms of different cultures and let the interaction of man, music and nature become tangible.
african soul
The central point is the description of states of transformation. Plants and landscapes are created in which man and his environment are integrated into an organic whole.

The symbols for law and justice are usually the scale of justice and the paragraph sign, and this is his focal point of attention. Laws are applied in all areas of life and one can easily get lost in the labyrinth of paragraphs or stumble over small terms. Impressions and proverbs are implemented ironically and critically.

In the work series urbanism Tabatt uproots urban lifestyle. The silhouette of the big city becomes a living entity dominated by organic forces and laws of growth. Mobility and dynamics between growth and decay are main components of the objects, pictures and sculptures.

law & order
intermediate worlds
heraldic animals

The heraldic animals of the neighbouring states of Berlin and Brandenburg are found in everyday situations, sometimes perplexed or looking uncertainly into the future. Bear and eagle interact with each other, in dialogue and now and then united in intimate togetherness.

E M A I L :        i n f o @ u w e t a b a t t . d e          T E L .:0 1 7 4 / 8 5 4 4 4 5 3          P R I V A C Y    I M P R I N T

Dialogue, debate and exchange. The mobile phone does most of the work. In the search for a suitable profile and the formation of their own personality, people are connected by thin threads or literally hang on the phone. In spite of the increasing exchange of data, the depiction of the persons shows an isolation from society.