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Uwe Tabatt, born in 1966 in Berlin, has lived and worked in Glienicke/ Nordbahn near Berlin since 2005. His art combines an impetus critic of civilization with a fantastic realism. 
Tabatt is no ordinary artist. He has developed and preserved his own unmistakable style and therefore cannot be pigeonholed. His pictures tell stories, however only at second glance will one discover small details that the artist cleverly incorporated to captivate the viewer and offer multiple new aspects. His pictures not only document facts and events but, they also show visions and provide food for thought. On the other hand they leave the viewer with a smile and at the same time they make the viewer ponder. Often these are serious facts, which he visualizes with artistic professionalism, always carefully tailored with a pinch of irony and humor. 
He is conscious about the world that surrounds him and integrates his thoughts through his artwork. In this way he encourages the viewer to change perspectives and stimulates critic reflection on what is depicted. Uwe Tabatt has a very special approach to his  artistic realisation. 
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Uwe Tabatt
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